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Introduction to Vesta Holidays

Vesta Holidays: Your trusted partner in Property Management since 1996

Established in 1996, Vesta Holidays is the Leading Property Management Company in Cyprus. Proudly affiliated with the esteemed Leptos Group, boasting over 60 years of industry experience, we have become synonymous with excellence and reliability in property management. Our commitment to service and professionalism has made us the largest property management company in Cyprus, serving over 7,000 satisfied clients.

Why Choose Vesta Holidays

Why Choose Vesta Holidays for Your Property Management Needs?

When it comes to selecting a property management company in Cyprus, Vesta Holidays is the clear choice. With decades of experience and the backing of the Leptos Group's legacy, we offer unmatched expertise. As the leading property management company in Cyprus, we prioritize excellence, industry knowledge, and a vast network of resources. Choose Vesta Holidays for a partnership dedicated to the highest standards of service and your peace of mind.

Our Core Objectives

High Standards Year-Round: Our Core Objective at Vesta Holidays

At Vesta Holidays, our primary objective is to deliver high-standard services consistently throughout the year, all at the most competitive market rates. We are committed to ensuring that your property receives the best care and attention, making us your trusted partner in property management.


Our People-Centred Philosophy

Vesta Holidays: A People-Centred Approach to Property Management

Our philosophy at Vesta Holidays revolves around people. We provide services with social sensitivity and responsibility, standing true to our promises. By preserving the quality of life for our clientele, we build lasting relationships based on trust and reliability. When you choose Vesta Holidays, you're choosing a property management partner with a heart.

A Warm Welcome

Meet Our General Manager, Valentinos Singh, and Our Vision for You

"As the Leading Service Provider we are aiming to become your Strategic Partner".

At Vesta Holidays, every customer need is met with creativity and an open mind. Our commitment to excellence drives us to pioneer new innovative solutions that inspire and have a positive impact on the daily lives of our clients. We always promote a culture of collaboration and empowerment, encourage open and honest communication with our clients, and via constructive feedback, we adapt and offer the most appropriate, “tailored-made” solution. 

Vesta's accumulated years of knowledge and solid experience, along with the unlimited access to resources and expertise from Leptos-Group, is what differentiates us from the market and makes our services unique. This wouldn't be possible without our most valuable business asset, our People who share years of knowledge, skills, creativity, productivity, dedication in hard work and growth that leads to the success formula in the overall organization.

At Vesta we lead this industry with integrity and compassion, expanding our business lines to become your most valuable strategic partner. The world today faces a variety of uncertainties and together, we will be shaping a future where possibilities are limitless and challenges will be overcome to further evolve the organization going forward. Vesta’s purpose is “to build trust in society and solve problems while keep evolving”, and to pioneer the area of ''customer service'', something that is diverse and emerging very quickly from era to era.


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