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Leptos Estates: Strategies for a more sustainable future

November 15, 2022

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With construction being a major contributor in global energy consumption, it is no surprise that sustainable architecture has become a leading consideration in how buildings and cities are being built. Architects are now challenged to craft designs that excel in form and function, but also designs that integrate solutions that take into account environmental factors.

Leptos Estates has received many awards related to Construction and Development, partly because they have always ensured to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and technology. The company has and continues to adopt an eco-friendly approach to modern-day building that is applied through every aspect of the planning and construction process. This includes the choice of building materials, the design and implementation of heating, cooling, plumbing and ventilation systems and the integration of the built environment into the natural landscape.

When planning, the Leptos Estates Architectural team take the site landscape, energy management, and stormwater management into consideration and then use environmentally friendly systems and building materials during construction. The Architects of Leptos Estates use many different techniques to reduce the energy needs of buildings and increase their ability to capture or generate their own energy.

Some of the green, energy-efficiency practises of Leptos Estates include:  

  • Thermal insulation on roofs & external walls
  • Strategically planting trees to maximise shading during summer and leave the sun to enter the rooms during winter
  • Sun shading tents at patio pool areas
  • Low-emissivity energy glass
  • Double glazed windows and thermal aluminium
  • Solar & PV panels for low energy consumption
  • High efficiency appliances e.g. for A/C systems & Central Heating systems
  • Installing systems for rainwater harvesting
  • Use of recycled materials where possible and natural materials like local stones and local timber reducing the CO₂ footprint of the building.

In a recent interview, Mr. Pantelis Leptos explained that Leptos Group has been at the forefront for utilising intelligent urban planning and sustainable strategies based on new and innovative technologies regarding energy, water, waste, and lighting, aiming to reduce carbon emissions. He highlighted that the Group’s aim is to foster more sustainable urban development in the coming years.

More specifically, new projects will be based on eco-friendly and sustainable principles that incorporate “green” technologies and smart solutions. Neapolis Smart EcoCity for example, will offer parks, green spaces, solar-powered buildings. Green living practices will also be incorporated as recycling facilities and use of energy and renewable resources will exist in the new properties and offices.

Leptos Estates has always made it a priority to become more energy efficient and environmentally sensitive in order to meet the economic, social, and environmental needs of our society in a way that ensures short and long-term prosperity for the city of Paphos, but also the whole of Cyprus.”

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