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Leptos Group women rally in shades of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 13, 2023

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October holds a special significance worldwide as the month dedicated to raising awareness and promoting prevention measures for breast cancer. In a remarkable show of solidarity, the women of the Leptos Group recently came together to lend their support to the noble cause championed by Europa Donna Cyprus.

Draped in various shades of pink, each woman in the collective photo symbolises hope, strength, and a shared commitment to the fight against breast cancer. The photograph, captured in a moment of unity, serves as a visual testament to the collective dedication of these women in the ongoing battle against this pervasive disease.

The Leptos Group, known for its commitment to community and social causes, chose to amplify the message of Europa Donna – a leading organization advocating for breast cancer awareness and early detection. As each woman joined the frame, the image transformed into a powerful representation of a shared mission: “Let’s unite our voices for prevention and early diagnosis.”


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Video: Leptos Group Women Rally in Shades of Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

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